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Breakfast Catering By Pok-e-Jo's... There's One Austin Didn't Expect



We like to tell people on our Full Service Catering page that we do more than just BBQ, but did you know that that even includes breakfast? Look no further than the picture to the left of this text of one of our breakfast buffet lines for confirmation of what we can do to feed some breakfast to youru next morning crowd!




 And in this picture to the right, we have a little sampling of some of the breakfast items we can do for you. There's some fresh fruit, and 3 types of muffins - blueberry muffins, bran muffins, and our Glorious Morning muffins, which, in addition to being delicious, are a carrot cake muffin with nuts mixed in. Oh and just to get you hooked a little more, we bake them in house for every breakfast catering job. No store baked muffins here!




And what breakfast would be complete without breakfast tacos? We can do breakfast tacos with all kinds of fillings, and they'll all come with fresh pico de gallo and salsa.




What do you think of a BBQ restaurant making your breakfast? Does the food all look pretty good? Let us know your opinion on it by leaving us a comment on this blog post below!



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